Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Belly dancing is traditionally practiced in parts of the Middle East and South Asia.

When you look on someone performing belly dance – if dancing well, of course – think of the work and learning that is put in this, but know that one of the greatest secrets of this dance is and in improvisation.

Admittedly, you have to have some way to dance, feel the music, and being sensual.

Belly dancing is associated with fertility rites and according to scholars of the subject it can be traced back to 7000 or 5000 years before Christ.

Pose of oriental dance

Pose of oriental dance

In ancient Egypt belly dancing was practiced to please the Goddess or to become mothers and in India it was associated with tantric rituals.

Arabs always used it as a way to animate the Sultans and wedding parties.

Video of Belly Dance show

Dancing is famous Turkish dancer Didem.

However, its sensuality is not accepted in more conservative countries. Obviously, is not the case in Morocco, where the dance is very welcome.

Belly dancing has always been linked to the celebration of life through the womb, which is the central part of the body in this dance. Then follow the movements of snake, seeing the renewed skin, symbolized rebirth in some cultures.

Video of basic movements

Many practitioners indicate that the fact that the foot are bare on the floor signifies a strong grounding and undulating movements of the arms may mean a change of season (with movements that simulate falling leaves and pick fruit).

It is also thought that the term “belly dance” has appeared in France in 1893.

Group of dancers of Oriental Dance

Group of dancers of Oriental Dance

A curiosity that might not know is that belly dancing is also an ancient form of childbirth preparation.

The movements of the basin make your hips become thinned, muscles are strengthened and improves blood circulation.

It is strengthening the neuromuscular balance with circular and calm movements combined with slow, deep breathing, which helps mother to relax during childbirth.

Belly dancing is also a way to regain shape after pregnancy.

The belly dance as an art form depends very much on who is dancing, because it is made of improvisations. And this work mirrors the personality of each dancer and their artistic expression.

Video of camel and displacement movement

In Morocco, there are several places where you can enjoy performances of belly dancing – especially in restaurants or in exhibitions, and also in regional and cultural festivals.

There is a certain mystery of belly dance dancers. With the sexy dance, dressed in light clothing, veils and restless navels.

Dancing Belly Man

It seems that belly dancing is not only for woman to practice. Look how well this dancer moves.

Belly Dance Communities
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