Petit Taxi in Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech

Petit Taxi in Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech

Riding a taxi in Morocco can be one of the greatest adventures you ever had.

And one of the stories that you will tell your friends whenever you think of holidays in Morocco.

As for the Moroccan taxis there are two types:

‘Petit Taxi’ and ‘Grand Taxi’, which in literally translation means small taxi and big taxi respectively.

Let’s talk about Petit Taxi first

Petit Taxi in Agadir

Petit Taxi in Agadir

Those are the taxis that travel within the cities. That is, travel short distances.

They have different colors in each city, for example, are beige in Marrakech and red in Fez.

Usually Petit Taxi’s cars are small, very old, make the rounds around the city and are fairly cheap. Remember that you should always negotiate the price of the trip you will make – prices are already prescribed for various routes – even if the taxi has a meter and even before sitting inside.

These taxis can also offer themselves as guides. If you accept it, combine the price before, if it is worth. How many days, what sites he will visit, etc. You will only gain if you can negotiate before.

Petit taxis don’t have taxi stands, you catch them by waving your hand or pointing your finger. Prices go up after certain hour, around 9pm.

The price of a trip within the city of Ouarzazate costs 4 dirhams, but within the city of Marrakech it depends on the distance traveled. For example going from the center of the medina to the train station should not cost more than 15 dirhams.

And now Grand Taxi

Grand Taxis in Inezgane

Grand Taxis in Inezgane

Besides Petit Taxi there are Grand Taxi.

As the name indicates, the Grand Taxi cabs are bigger cars and usually spacious like Mercedes, for example, those old large sedan models. They are always old.

Don’t expect to see a late model car as taxi in Morocco.

The Grand Taxi are shared cabs – so we have warned you that it will be a great adventure taxi ride in Morocco – and carrying several people between cities. Generally Grand taxi travel great distances and to compensate for the transfer – and fuel – they try to make the most.

The color of the Grand Taxi changes depending on the city they operate. For easy identification to which city it belong to, we can distinguished taxis of white, yellow, orange, blue color and many more.

As mentioned, trying to make up for long distance travel, Grand Taxi are fitting more people than you would think. They may even fit seven or eight people inside, so despite of being cheap you have to think well whether you want to go squeezed among people you don’t know on a journey of several kilometers.

There is a way to go by Grand Taxi, yet to avoid crowd – pay for the whole cab or at least 2 seats for yourself.

Do not forget, and it is very important, to see what is the price before you get into taxi. There are routes with prices already set, but still always ask how much is it for your destination. Only thus ensures a fair price.

And remember that you can get in the taxi and go it alone for a few miles and after a few stops along the way the car will fill in. That is the philosophy of the Grand Taxi.

And there was often exaggeration to fill the car, until we could hardly move in there, this would be the right attitude to take anywhere in the world. Making up for the ride and fuel.